My First blog post … a bit more about the blog and me 

For my first post I just wanted to say few more things about why I started the blog. 

I have been over eight all my life up until 2011, when I found My perfect workout – Zumba. I hate going to the gym, jogging etc. But I love dancing and this is why Zumba wa Amy perfect fit. Then I start looking at my diet, what was I eating , when etc, change many of the old habits and among with the Zumba lost 10 kg in no time, went into the golden zone of BMI (body mass index). Since I am fitting with loosing few more kilograms and hope soon will manage to do it.

In the mean time I am passionate about food and love baking. I was always trying to make something real for my husband to have for breakfast, because I love doing it and doing it so that I can keep him away from the artificial rubbish he usually have for breakfast and replace it with something that I know what is it inside. So as you see I also like the healthy version of the food and will share my thoughts on the subject. 

The Science part will try to keep it clean and understandable and other then the nutrigenomics I will keep you posted about any interesting news I come across from the science field. 

I will be happy to hear your opinion and if you want me to include something more or less in the blog …

Welcome to my world :o)



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