Introduction to the Nutrigenomic

This week I wanted to introduce you to my main interest, which is the connection between the food and nutrients we consume and the genes and the balance between them. This is studied by a branch of the genomics called Nutrigenomics. To start with will try to summarise here a review paper published in 2015 from one of the leading European centers, which are interested in nutrition and nutrigenomics – Centre for Nutrition Research, University of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain [Trends in Food Science & Technology 42 (2015) 97e115].
More and more nutrigenetic studies about the effect of inherit variants in our genome on the response to different types of diets. This is the base for personalised approach to the problem with obesity. It is shown so far that specific genes can have impact on the wight loss and may explain the different response to the variety of diets that could be found all over the internet.
The data that is coming about the different gene variances, although it need to be improved and asses for different ethnical backgrounds. However, so far there are variety of tests on the market exploring the gene’s locuses associated with the obesity. This allowed for lots of variances connected with the different obesity related diseases to be found and I guess many more are to follow. Furthermore, the effect size of the currently identified gene-diet interactions in weight loss and the putative relationships to lifestyle or epigenetic modifications is under investigation.
My main idea for the blog was to keep it very simple and somehow it now coming to be really scientific, so will try to summarise first that there is lots of test with are studying your DNA and can tell you what kind of genetic variances you would have and to recommend a diet. (Here I will divert a bit just to clarify that “diet” is not only what is accepted widely the food regiment that is followed for loosing weight, diet is actually the food we eat in general, regardless if it is aimed to loose weight or just to go through the day).
Here I am not going to introduce different genetic variances or to try even to sum them, but I wanted to introduce the subject and I guess there will be quite a few post in good time to introduce more interesting facts about it.



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